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The average woman shaves 7,718 times in her lifetime...Say it isn't so! 

Christine Kavanagh

Meet your Sugarist

  I am a fully certified esthetician having obtained my credentials at European Institute of Esthetics, and have been practicing professionally for 12 years. I love what I do, and I also enjoy the feeling of satisfaction when my clients walk out of my studio feeling 10 pounds lighter than when they arrived. 

  With skin sensitivities on the rise, as well as clean/organic methods being preferable, I am pleased to be offering a full compliment of eco-conscious, and natural sugaring hair removal services. 

  While all your body bits will be catered to professionally, I specialize in female brazilians, and tend meticulously to expecting mommies from 1-39 weeks. 

   All services offered confidentially from the comfort of my clean, modern, home based studio.

Proudly using SugarSmac professional line of products

Seriously.. what is sugaring, and why all the hype?

Relax ~ Your Not The First To Ask


Sugaring is not a new method. In fact, it's a centuries old method practiced as far back as the early Egyptians. The most important advantage of sugaring is that the sugar paste extracts the hair in it's natural direction of growth while the hair is in it's early growth stage. This eliminates hair breakage, unnecessary discomfort, irritation and ingrown hairs while also exfoliating the skin. 

The sugar paste used is an eco-friendly formulation made exclusively from 3 ingredients... Sugar, water, and lemon juice. Really... that's it. 

Sugar paste... Huh?

You show that hair who's boss! As sugaring is a form of epilation (removing hair from the root), the growth will reduce over time with prolonged treatments. In most cases, due to the hair follicle being damaged from the service; hair grows back thinner, sparser, and can lead to permanency. While all body types, and areas grow at separate rates the average time span between appointments for the lower body areas typically range from 4-6 weeks. 

But does it last as long as other methods?

Ok ok, I get it now. But wait... am I a candidate? 

Ya.. actually, you are! The ideal length to mold the sugar is 1/4" - 1/2" (or about the length of a grain of rice). If you've been shaving, this tends to be around the 10-14 day mark. Let's say you haven't been shaving... No worries there either as the sugar will also remove longer lengths. Oh, your pregnant you say... rest assured this applies to everyone from 1-39 weeks (40 weeks... let's just say I'm not a doctor!)

So that's that I guess...How do I prepare for my appointment?

Pretty straight forward stuff here. You'll need to avoid the use of deodorant, oil, or any lotions on areas to be treated. Exfoliating within 24 hours of appointment is also a no-no (the sugar will have you covered). Last, and seemingly most important is do not trim hair length! Your sugarist has this handled. I promise. 

Behind Closed Doors

~ Up High ~

Full Face(No brows) ~ $25

Hair removal from cheeks, jaw, sideburns, lip and chin

Lip & Chin ~ $15

Includes both lip, and chin

Lip ~ $10

Lip Only

Chin ~ $10

Chin only

Brows(waxed) ~ $10

Waxed to ensure precision

Underarms ~ $10

Underarms only

Full Arm ~ $30

Includes removal from fingertips to shoulder

Half Arm ~ $20

Hair removal from fingertips to elbow

~ Down Low ~

Brazilian ~ $50

The works.. Its all gone

French Bikini ~ $25

One step up from the bikini

Bikini ~ $20

Underwear line hair removal 

Full Leg ~ $60

Hair removal from toes to bikini line

Half Leg ~ $30

Your choice... upper or lower

Word On The Street


I was super nervous but Christine was very welcoming and professional. A beautiful, clean space and her prices are excellent. Hightly recommend,. I'll be back !


It felt like ripping off a bandaid but less painful. I wish I'd discovered this before !


Friendly atmosphere, and you leave with all your questions answered. Highly recommend Sugar Shack Esthetics if your nervous at all !


Sugaring was much more comfortable than using wax, and it has lasted significantly longer. Christine is very knowledgable in her field and made me feel so comfortable I forgot that I was 'exposed'

11 McLean Bend      Ph# 780 218 7244 

Leduc, Alberta

T9E 0P1


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